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Seattle QB Wilson Is Serious About Being A Two-Sport Star


Seattle Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson, is about to be a rich man.

Wilson is set to become a free agent after 2015, when his current four-year contract expires. If no deal is reached this offseason, Seattle could place a franchise tag on him next year that could pay him $20 million-plus.

As Seattle made its run to Super Bowl XLIX last season, the word was that the Seahawks were planning to make Wilson the highest-paid player in NFL history with a contract extension that would top Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ $22 million-a-year.

But a critical interception and a Super Bowl loss to the Patriots dampened those plans.  However, most believe Seattle will pony-up and make Wilson one of the top 10 paid QB’s in the league.

Wilson may make up the difference with an off-season job…   baseball.

In an interview with HBO’s Bryant Gumbel, Wilson said he may “push the envelope a little bit” and play football and baseball.

Gumbel asked him about his slight minor league stats of batting only .227.

“I wouldn’t be worried about the statistics of it,” Wilson replied.  “I know I can play in the big leagues.  With the work ethic and all that, I think I definitely could for sure.  And that’s why the Texas Rangers got my rights.  And they want me to play.  Jon Daniels, the G.M.(Rangers), wants me to play.  We were talking about it the other day.”

The Seahawks G.M., John Schneider said he thinks Wilson could do both.

“I think one of the primary things that really attracted Russell to us — I know me in particular — was the confidence he has in himself and the goals, dreams, aspirations,” Schneider said.

“He’s off the charts in terms of his confidence level and the way he views himself,” Schneider continued. “So it doesn’t surprise me that he would think that way. Quite frankly, I haven’t thought much about the baseball aspect of it. Based on the position that he plays in football, I think it would be difficult. But the way he attacks everything, I don’t think you could put anything past him.”

Wilson would be the first professional QB to be a two-sport star if he succeeded with the Rangers.

“I’ll never forget it,” Wilson says.  “I’ll never forget the times that people have told me that I couldn’t do something.”





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