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RGIII Launches New Foundation To Help Those in Need


Robert Griffin III knows anything is possible. Now, he wants to help others feel the same.

Griffin recently launched his newest charitable foundation, called Family of 3, with the goal of using his network of resources to aid families facing difficult situations to overcome the odds and accomplish their goals.

With Family of 3 serving as a hub, a collaboration of nonprofit organizations will be utilized to provide services as well as hope and inspiration to people from across the country, especially in Central Texas.

For Griffin, it is simply a way to give back.

“‘Go catch your dream’ is something that I’ve always been told,” he said, “and now, more than ever, we want to give back and be that extra push people need to catch their dreams.”

The former Copperas Cove standout-turned-Heisman-Trophy-winner-turned-Washington Redskins quarterback has already begun his mission, reaching out to several families.

The first official addition to the Family of 3 was Tim and Shannon Maxwell, who dedicated their lives to helping injured military service members and their families after Tim suffered a brain injury while serving in Iraq more than a decade ago.

In the years since, the Maxwell family created foundations to aid others in similar situations with Family of 3 now serving as an added means to ensure their goals continue to be carried out.

Family of 3 has also joined forces with the military organization TAPS, which stands for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, using his status within the Redskins organization to set up tours of the team’s facilities and allow families coping with the loss of loved ones to attend games at FedEx Field.

Equally important to the Family of 3 cause, Griffin spends one-on-one time with the families in hopes of raising their spirits.

“Family of 3 is more than a foundation,” director of development Will Mallow said. “It is about encompassing everyone who helps and gets help and making all of them part of the family.

“The goal is to create an extended family — a large group of people who want to help inspire others to go catch their dreams.”

Additionally, Family of 3 accepts donations, sells wristbands and auctions off various items to raise funds.

Currently, the cast worn by Griffin after dislocating his ankle during the season is available to bid on at the foundation’s website — Griffin and the rest of the Redskins roster signed the cast.

The means by which Family of 3 provide assistance are as varied as the families involved, according to foundation president Rebecca Griffin, who is also the wife of the quarterback.

“We want to reach families from all walks of life,” she said.

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