QB Wilson’s Reaction To The Interception Shows God Cares About Football


Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson took criticism after the NFC Championship game because it appeared he said God had caused his 4 interceptions that had placed the Seahawks in what appeared to be an insurmountable hole.  At that point, with the game seemingly out of reach, God could show His miraculous power by orchestrating the events that would lead His favorite bible quoting quarterback  to victory and another Super Bowl appearance.

This caused many media outlets to ask the question, “Does God really care about who wins a football game?”

Wilson’s comments, however, were misunderstood, mostly by radio hosts and bloggers who are not professed Christians.  They were taking the comments at face value without an ounce of the spiritual guidance needed to fully interpret the meaning and purpose behind God’s involvement in a football game.

And Wilson did a wonderful job of giving more insight to his previous comments by his reaction and words after he threw the crucial interception that ended Seattle’s chances of repeating as Super Bowl champions.  Wilson tweeted just hours after the Super Bowl:

Thank You God for the opportunity.  We’ll be back…I will never waiver on who He has called me to be…  Thanks 12s #GoHawks

I Love You O Lord, my strength. (Psalms 18:1 NKJV)

Every setback has a major comeback #GreaterIsComing

This clarified that Wilson didn’t believe he was favored by God because he felt winning is God’s highest priority for him.  This shows that Wilson understood that his own testimony and witness as a Christian is God’s greatest priority.

Does God care about football?  You bet.  But does He need a certain team to win or a certain player to have success to get His message across?

Absolutely not.




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