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Pro Bowl Safety Quin Clarifies Statement That God Planned Jordy Nelson’s Injury


Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had no issues with his safety Glover Quin’s comments, and said they were taken out of context.

Lions fans also defended Quin by saying the comments were a bit clumsy, but meant no harm.

The comments stemmed from a season ending injury suffered by Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson in an exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Quin talked to reporters for several minutes on Monday about how he believed that the injury had happened for a reason, and that this was all “God’s plan.” If Nelson hadn’t been hurt in Sunday’s preseason game, he would have been hurt the next time he stepped on the field because that was God’s plan, according to Quin.

Many took to social media blasting Quin for what they felt were inappropriate comments.

Among those who reacted to Quin’s comments was Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who retweeted a comment from Brian Baumgartner, an actor from the TV show “The Office.”

Players who have the audacity to believe God decides who gets injured/ wins games completely minimize God. God had it out for Jordy? Absurd.

“What I think is, I think the young man did a very good job of explaining himself thoroughly,” coach Caldwell said. “It just so happened that a few people decided to make the headlines a little bit more explosive, and if they would have taken what he said into context and written it as such, it wouldn’t be such a big issue.”

On Tuesday, Quin attempted to clarify some of those comments.

“What is meant to be will be. That’s what I believe. That’s the way I live my life,” Quin said. “God is in control; that’s my belief. That doesn’t have to be nobody else’s belief. I’m not saying that, so I don’t understand why everybody’s jumping on everybody for what they believe.”

He explained that there have many times in his own life where something negative has happened – an injury, for example – and he had to remind himself that God wanted him to learn from the situation. That God was in control.

Rob Wilson, the CEO of C1 Marketing Group, which handles marketing for Quin, said in an email Monday night that Quin’s comments stem from his beliefs as a Christian, which Quin himself referenced in his comments that went viral.

Wilson said by email that Quin simply “believes that God has a plan for each person on Earth,” and as tragic as it was, Nelson’s injury was “part of that plan in some way.”

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