‘Orange Is The New Black’ Third Season Opens With ‘Tebow The Miracle Baby’


The third season of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ was recently released on Netflix.

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen an episode.  But, I thought it was interesting to read about an exchange between 2 characters in the opening 5 minutes of the Emmy nominated series.

The conversation revolves around Pam Tebow, the mother of Philadelphia Eagles QB Tim Tebow, and her decision not to abort her pregnancy after becoming ill and being advised by doctor’s to do so.

Here is the exchange:

Pennsatucky: “I would have five [children]. Or six, if you count the one that fell out after the night in the cave. Would have been a miracle baby, like Tim Tebow.”

Wanda Bell: “Based on the state of your mouth when you came in, I’m going to say your baby wasn’t on the star athlete track.”

Pennsatucky: “Oh yeah? Well neither was Tim Tebow. You know, when his momma was pregnant she had the sickness and the doctors told her not to have the baby but she had it anyhow? And she was on dysentery medicine, and she was in a Filipino town.”

Eliqua Maxwell: “He wasn’t such a great quarterback.”

An edgy series dealing with topics such as lesbianism, drug smuggling, and international crime, couldn’t resist a discussion about Tebow.



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