Meyer Says NFL Coaches Have Admitted Tebow Was An Annoyance


Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said he’s had numerous NFL coaches tell him the attention paid to Tim Tebow was an annoyance.

In an interview Tuesday with The Dan Patrick Show, Meyer, who coached Tebow at the University of Florida, said, “I talked to many of the coaches involved, and one thing every coach wants is lack of distraction so they can focus on their team.”

“And when all of a sudden ESPN has live people watching practice, and every time you wake up there’s ‘Tim Tebow this, Tebow this, Tebow this’ and you’re talking about a backup quarterback. And that did wear on people.”

Meyer is optimistic that the barrage of media attention once garnered Tebow, who recently signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, is over for the most part.

“The problem with Tim — and this is the only problem — he creates so much conversation and distraction that I think that spooks some teams.”

“And I think we’re that far beyond it now, that that’s not that big of a distraction anymore. He’s just a quarterback trying to make a team now.”

“Now you just don’t hear as much,” Meyer said. “Hopefully Tim can just learn to be an NFL quarterback.”



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