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Mayweather Says Fists Not Faith Will Decide Fight


Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he is a better boxer than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

“No one can ever brainwash me to make me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali was better than me,” Mayweather Jr. said. “No one could ever brainwash me and tell me that.”

Mayweather Jr., who has won all 47 of his professional fights, will fight Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2) on May 2, in what is being billed as the fight of the century.

Pacquiao said, “I believe God will deliver him (Mayweather Jr.) to my hands.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach has pronounced the fight ‘good versus evil.’

Never lacking confidence, Mayweather Jr. said Pacquiao’s Christian faith will make no difference in the fight.

“God loves us all,” Mayweather Jr. said.  “I’m a prizefighter, that’s what I do.  I believe in God, I love God.  I’ve been blessed all my life.  I don’t think God takes sides.”

“I never try to focus on anything like that,” Mayweather Jr. continued.  “I just try to be the best fighter I can be.”

“Whether you’re American, Filipino, African, Dominican, Asian, we’re all God’s children.  I don’t think he roots for which of us he wants to win.”

“I am the best boxer who ever lived,” Mayweather Jr. told HBO Sports.  “Pacquiao got to this point by doing something right.  The people will see the best facing the best.”











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