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Hornets G Jeremy Lin Says “Linsanity is a thing of the past”


Jeremy Lin, was officially introduced to the city of Charlotte, NC, this past Monday as the newest member of the Hornets.

Lin, in search of stability with Charlotte, has played for 3 teams (Knicks, Rockets, and the Lakers) in the past 4 seasons.

“I do believe I am a more refined player, a more all-around player,” Lin said.  “I think the work I’ve put in has made me better. I just don’t think I have had the same fit or opportunity.”

Lin is expected to be the backup to Kemba Walker and could play some at the two guard.

Hornets head coach Steve Clifford said that Lin will bring versatility to the team.  Clifford likes Lin’s ability to create opportunities for teammates and also said Lin could create space on the floor with his three-point shooting and his ability to attack the rim.

Lin, who signed a two-year, $4.37 million contract last week  “after a lot of prayer and long discussions with family and friends,” thinks the Hornets were his best option because it is where he can display all facets of his game.

“I want to get back to what makes me what I am as a player, which is being aggressive, being on the attack and always charging toward the rim,” Lin added. “I think that will help create easier shots for this team.”

He said the “Linsanity” era “feels like a decade ago” and “it’s a thing of the past.”  He mentioned he is a much improved player now, which indicates he felt many people thought he was more hype than substance during the 2011-2012 season with the Knicks.

Like his game, Lin’s Christianity is more refined now.  He feels he’s more savvy with the media and knows where to direct his faith and use it most effectively.

Lin said that if at the end of his career he is known for Linsanity he probably didn’t do his job.

“It was baptism by fire,” he told Tom Sorensen of The Charlotte Observer. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything, the highs and the lows, and it was a special time for me and my family. In a lot of ways it helped me establish myself of being able to play in the NBA – which I didn’t know if it was a reality up until that point.”

“My cause is still Christ, of course,” Lin said. “Being the best player I can be will support the cause.  I wanted to be on a team where I would be able to play freely and truly play the game I love with joy again.”
New York City could only take the spirit Lin infused in the Knicks mediocre season of 2012 and turn it into sensationalism and celebrity.
Maybe Charlotte, a city in the heart of the bible belt, will be a better fit for the ‘next chapter,” as Lin puts it.

“We want to make the playoffs, and we don’t just want to sneak in at the eighth spot,” Lin said.

Hornets fans hope this chapter is long on substance.

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