Fifty Shades Controversy: Russell Wilson Gives It Thumbs Up, Lolo Jones Thumbs Down


Two outspoken Christian athletes have different opinions on the recently released film “50 Shades of Grey.”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took to Twitter to let over one million of his followers know that he enjoyed the new film, which he saw as a guest before the movie’s public release.

“Thanks for the early showing of #50ShadesOfGrey late last night.. #EmeraldCity Great movie,” the NFL star wrote.

Many of his followers expressed disappointment that Russell even accepted an invitation to see a picture about a sadomasochistic relationship between a young college student and a business mogul, not to mention that afterwards the Seahawks QB called the movie ‘great.’

Wilson went back to twitter to respond to the backlash.

“Saw a movie filmed in the town I call home,” Wilson tweeted. “Provocative/disturbing no doubt but that does not make me less Faithful. Have a blessed day!”

U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones had a different take than the Super Bowl QB.

Jones slammed the hit movie because she believes it contradicts the teachings of the Christ.  She encouraged the public to boycott the film.

On her Twitter page, Jones questioned how the public perceives the message it tries to convey.

“Funny how some people think there’s nothing wrong with 50 shades of Grey. God didn’t create sex for that purpose. Watch another movie,” she posted, which most people took as a direct response to Wilson supporting the movie.

Jones continued to defend her belief, saying that the film’s “hypersexual plot” gives people the idea that having sex for pleasure can erase the emotional pain that one is feeling.

“Some ppl medicate pain by being more and more physical to where if they are ever alone they can’t feel any peace,” Jones added in her Twitter post.




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