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Eagles To Sign Tebow; QB Guru Says He’s Fixed Him


Tom House, a former MLB pitcher who’s now a renowned private quarterbacks coach, has been saying Tim Tebow’s throwing motion has been fixed for months now.

Last month, the Philadelphia Eagles worked out Tebow, who has not seen game action in the NFL since 2012.  Apparently, head coach Chip Kelly saw enough to make him think the much maligned former NFL signal-caller may work in his read option type offense.

House told the NFL Network, “”What amazes me is this young man, with no job prospects, has prepared just as hard as he would if he were the No. 1 quarterback for an NFL team. He’s busted his butt. He spins the ball better than he did and he’s much more accurate than he was. I think he’s ready.”

After failing in his attempt to make the New England Patriots in 2013, Tebow wanted to learn how to spin the ball like Tom Brady could.  House didn’t work with Tebow on reading defenses.

“He had trouble spinning the ball and he wasn’t very accurate. We didn’t do much conditioning or route trees or run many defenses against him. We honestly felt we could help him with his throwing, like everyone else, but this time, he got enough reps where the change was made.”

“The difference now is that he has put in the reps. There have been 10,000-plus reps (10,000 hours is the amount many sports guru’s say it takes to form a habit that becomes natural without thought).  If he gets a chance to play again and gets back to competition, it’s hard-wired now. He doesn’t have to think about it.”

Tebow’s last twitter message; ‘Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32.’

Is it time for sports fans to be kind and forgive the evangelical QB for all the balls he’s grounded 10 feet in front of his receivers?

The Tebow experience is about to begin again.










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