Bubba Watson Raps On Christian Song ‘Ima Just Do It’


Bubba Watson’s last recorded music was Bubbaclaus released in December 2014.

In his latest attempt, on Christian rapper KB’s Tomorrow We Live, Bubba drops lyrics as easy as if hitting a hook wedge out of the trees in a sudden death playoff at The Masters.

On a song titled ‘Ima Just Do It,’ here’s what Bubba laid down:

            Bubba Wats on the mic now

Can a golfer spit a rhyme?

Not a gangsta rapper, but my caddie got a nine

KB need a verse

I told him ain’t nothin’ to it

Everybody ask me why, I just look ‘em in the eye and say,

‘Ima just do it’

Country boy from the panhandle

Country boy from the panhandle

No golf lessons, just God’s blessin’s

Ain’t nothin’ – nothin’ – he can’t handle

Left-handed, funny swing

Driver’s pink, ain’t nothin’ to me

Got two Masters, a double major

But one Master, I praise our Savior



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